Voxel Play uses 4 key components (MonoBehaviours) which must be present in any scene:

  • VoxelPlayEnvironment: the world manager. Manages chunks and rendering and must be present in any scene.
  • VoxelPlayFirstPersonController: the player first person controller. Currently Voxel Play provides many features for first person view games but it can also work with a standalone camera.
  • VoxelPlayPlayer: represents the player (life, inventory, attack attributes, …). Must be present as it holds some character skills required by the FPS controller (like hit range).
  • VoxelPlayBehaviour: syncs voxel lighting with the GameObject material. This component is optional but must be attached to any gameobject if you want it to be affected by the voxel illumiination (also known as smooth lighting).

In the following section, we’ll see how to create and configure each one.