Voxel Play provides a basic user interface which includes:

- Inventory panel which allows the user to scroll through items in the player inventory and select an active item.

- Console UI which can be invoked pressing Tab.

- FPS counter.

- Debug window.

Both inventory and console uses Unity UI system (UI elements children of a Canvas object). They are contained in the prefab "Voxel Play UI Canvas" located in VoxelPlay/Resources/Defaults/UI folder.

The code that manages both the inventory and console can be found in the file VoxelPlayUI.cs inside VoxelPlay/Scripts/Private/UI folder.

Feel free to modify both the code and UI elements to match your game needs. Or you can disable them completely and use your own interface. To disable the console and inventory, just uncheck the options "Enable Console" or "Enable Inventory" in Voxel Play Environment inspector under UI / Game Features section:

Entering "/help" in the console will show a list of available commands.

Check out the Voxel Play UI API page for details on scripting support.