Mobile support has been included since beta 12 with integrated touch controls.

Please note that due to limited memory capability, both chunks pool size and visible distance should be kept reasonably low when running on mobile.

If you experiment issues on your mobile device, select Voxel Play Environment and click "Fastest" settings.

iOS (iPhone 7+) and Android (Note2 and Galaxy S6) have been tested using Fastest settings and provide smooth gameplay.


  • Touch input UI is only rendered on the mobile devices. To try it, make a build for your mobile device and run it.
  • The default touch input UI can be customized editing the prefab CanvasTouch located in VoxelPlay/Resources/VoxelPlay/Defaults/UI folder.
  • The default input manager for touch interface is in file DualTouchController.cs located in VoxelPlay/Scripts/Private/Input folder.

Check out this page to learn how to create your own input managers using Voxel Play framework (or you can completely use your own character controllers).