Select the “FPSController” gameobject in the hierarchy to show the current controller options:

Note that you can modify or read any of these properties from script using = XXX.




The Constructor is a special area that’s invoked in two steps. In Play Mode, press “B” to enable Build Mode, then press “C” to enter the Constructor.

In this area you can create a single chunk composed of any type of voxels and save that chunk as a model (for example a tree, or a rock, or a terrain feature). Then add this model to any of the biome definitions.


  • Load Model: this is the name of the ScriptableObject file that will store the model definition data. When you’re inside the Constructor and press F6 to save the model, the data will be saved to this file. Also, if you press F5 the data from this model/file will be loaded into the constructor.

Crosshair Settings

Settings for the crosshair include crossHairScale, crossHairOnTargetAnimationSpeed, crosshairOnTargetAnimationScale, crosshairOnTargetColor, crosshairNormalColor.

  • Crosshair On Block: will be true when the crosshair is currently over a reachable voxel.


  • Start on Flat: if game has been loaded from disk, the initial position of the player will be that stored in the savefile. Otherwise, if this option is checked, the player position will be a random position on the map over a somewhat flat area. The Start On Flat Iterations defines the number of tries to find a flat area - the higher iteration cound, the lower altitude for the resulting starting position. If your terrain has mountains and valleys, using a number of iterations of 10 or more will increase the chance that the player will appear on the valley. 
  • Is Flying: if player is currently flying (not grounded).
  • Is Walking: if player is currently walking (not running).
  • Is In Water: if player is on top or inside of any water voxel.
  • Is Swimming: if player is floating on any water voxel.
  • Is Underwater: if player is below water level (under a water voxel).
  • Is Grounded: if player is not flying or falling.


Controls many aspect of the player movement like walk, run, swim speed, mouse look, gravity multiplier, Fov kick, etc.

Audio Effects

Customize your player interaction sounds. Note that some sounds, like Footstep Sounds will be automatically set by Voxel Play as you walk/run over some voxels.