Voxel Play requires Unity 2018.4 or later and a graphic card supporting Shader Model 3.5 at the minimum.

Voxel Play supports built-in and Universal Rendering Pipeline.

iOS / Android

Mobile devices have limited memory so please keep chunk pool size as low as possible within an acceptable distance. If you experience memory issues follow these steps:

  • Enable "Low Memory Mode" in Voxel Play Environment.
  • Set chunk pool size to 5000 and view distance to 6 and try again.

Touch controls are provided as an example supporting camera rotation, player movement, jump, hit, crouch and inventory selection.


Increase WebGL memory to 1024 at the minimum in Player Settings. If you experience memory issues, try enabling "Low Memory Mode" in Voxel Play Environment and/or increase this value.

Web GL 2.0 extensions are required. To enable then on your browser, please check the appropriate help article:

- How to enable WebGL 2.0 in Chrome

- How to enable WebGL 2.0 in Firefox


The voxel engine renders correctly on Oculus Quest 2 in both Multi-Pass and Multi-View modes. However, please note that the included character controllers are designed either for keyboard/mouse or touch devices. No VR controllers are supported. You can use your own character controller compatible with your VR input device.