Welcome to Voxel Play for Unity!

Voxel Play is a procedural, fast, sandbox environment based on cubes. It leverages highly optimized code, including geometry shaders and texture arrays, to generate great looking, vast and infinite worlds which can be customized and modified in many ways.

Voxel Play provides an integrated solution for sky, terrain, water, vegetation, physics, world interaction, UI and inventory and more.

You can think of Voxel Play as a drag & drop world manager that takes care of rendering the entire world except for the blocks or areas you sculpt – those areas will be saved in a special file that will be loaded along with the world seamlessly.

Please take a moment to read the sections in this online manual, especially the tutorials section. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

IMPORTANT: This documentation is based on latest development version of Voxel Play. The latest version of Voxel Play can be found on the support forum on kronnect.com and also on the Asset Store. Please note that the Asset Store version can be some days older than the most recent version. It's recommended to sign up on our support forum and use the latest release while in development.

What's inside the Voxel Play asset?

When Voxel Play is imported into Unity, the following folder structure is created:

  • Demos: in this folder you’ll find a full playable scene called Earth. A world in Voxel Play is a collection of voxel definitions that forms the different biomes and items, as well as a collection of generation options. You may duplicate or modify the world definition included in the demo or create your own world (see appropriate section in this guide).
  • Documentation: any useful guide like this one will be found in this folder.
  • Editor: Unity editor scripts required for Voxel Play. The contents of this folder won’t be included in your build.
  • Resources: materials, shaders and textures required by Voxel Play engine.
  • Scripts: full source code of Voxel Play logic can be found in this folder, including terrain generation, physics and other stuff.