Qubicle is a voxel modeler that allows you to create objects and characters in a 3D environment and export them into different formats.

Voxel Play can import qubicle models in binary format. Watch the video below to learn more about this tool:

The importer allows you to select a ColorMap asset which links a voxel definition with a color. If you leave this field empty, the original colors will be preserved.

You can create a ColorMap asset directly from the Qubicle asset itself as a first step: select your model and press "Generate Color Map Asset". That option will create a new colormap asset which you can inspect and fill with the relationships between colors and voxel definitions, and use this colorMap when importing the Qubicle model using the same tool.

Voxel Play also provides API support for Qubicle object conversion. Read more here.